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Sun care is an everyday essential!

So ever since I have turned 30 and getting married in a years time. I have become more aware of ageing. A few months ago I was introduced to a sun care brand called Heliocare. I started using the Heliocare Gelcream Light SPF 50 which has a slight tint. This is so great as you don’t need to apply a full face of foundation.  You can easily reapply throughout the day. Sun care is an everyday essential!

Heliocare and Lamelle Helase sun careI wish I started using good sun care products years ago to prevent ageing and pigmentation.

So don’t make the mistake I made, if you in your early 20’s, one piece of advice I would give is start using a good SPF50 now EVERY DAY!  It is well worth the investment, I promise! When I was in my early 20’s I had good skin. I didn’t really worry about sun care, what I didn’t realize is that I would only really see the sun damage years later.

The sun is extremely strong and harsh for our skin. We also have superficial light like our laptop screen which also gives off rays, which are harmful to our skin. So it is important to understand why its important to use a good sunblock. You should make sure your sunblock is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protected. Which you should reapply throughout the day.

Lamelle skin care

I used to never be able to walk out the house without a full face of make up as I was embarrassed about my pigmentation which has gotten worse over the past few years. However now with my new skincare regime, I am on the road to repairing my skin thanks to good sun care and my great therapist, Isadora from Legseleven Green Point. She has introduced me to the amazing Lamelle skin care range and is currently treating my pigmentation with a set of chemical peels. I will write a blog post of my skin care journey with before and after pictures in the new year.

To be continued…


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