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Prepping for Summer

So I always seem to leave my tanning preparation last minute so by the time the summer season has hit and everyone is already beautifully bronzed I am still looking like a snowman so I start prepping for Summer.

What I do at this stage is plan an pamper night in usually with takeaway sushi and vino.


First step: Starting by shaving, then exfoliating, exfoliating and exfoliating with my exfoliating gloves and dry my body very rough with a towel until bone dry.

Second step: Moisturize all the very dry areas of my body such as elbows, knee caps, hands and feet.

Third step: I use a mousse self tan, my favourite right now is the St Tropez Self Tan Dark bronzing mousse which I bought from Clicks on special as they don’t seem to stock it no more. Its a little pricey but well worth every penny as it has a green undertone so you don’t go orange and looks completely natural, I LOVE this! It also has no bad self tan smell which is a bonus and the tan lasting power is fairly good and no streaks. You would only need to do this once a week to maintain a healthy tan glow. I apply the mousse

Fourth Step: I try stay naked as long as possible at least 40mins before I put on loose fitting old pjs that I dont mind getting stained as this will stain your clothes. I go to sleep and next morning I rinse off the self tan and moisturized with a gradual self tan. My favourite one is Dove Summer Glow which you can get at most pharmacies.

See below end result:

Before and After

Before and After


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